Automatic Blinds Integrated

This block is used to automate your GEIGER and Internorm based blinds using a Loxone Smart Home system.


You can implement blind control with the Automatic Blinds Integrated block.

In addition to the manual operation, a fully automated shading system is also integrated into the block. The aim of the automatic function is to assist in temperature control by blocking out sunlight to minimise solar gain and to also control brightness levels in the room alongside the lights.

There are a lot of functions that allow extra control with this block, at its core, it is very simple to use and to setup.



Much like the Automated Blinds block, the Automatic Blinds Integrated has the same inputs and utilizes the same features. If you have a touch switch for blind control, you can utilize the Touch outputs via the T5 input on the block.



This allows you to control the blinds through the top left and bottom left corner buttons of the switch. If you do not have a Touch switch, you can control them through other digital inputs. For more information on how to do this please see that section on the Automatic blinds block.

Once this has been saved in, the blinds can then be operated via your switch or through the Loxone app.

You can allocate which blind motor is controlled by which block by using the “Assigned motor” drop down. This will drop down and allow you to pick from a list of learned in motors.




In addition to the basic programming, the compass orientation of the window must now be specified with parameter D in a bearing from north format (0/360 north, 90 east, 180 south and 270 west). This is required as the blinds will only shade if the Sun is within the shading period of the window. The Miniserver will figure this out with the location and time settings alongside parameter D. For some more information about this, see the section below on parameters.

Using the input AS to activate the automatic shading mode of the block. This is where you would connect the shading output from the Intelligent room controller so that when the room gets too hot the blinds close.

Finally, AD is the input that disables the blinds for the duration it is on for. This can be used for protecting external blinds for when windows are open, a contact breaks and then the blinds don’t go down to avoid damage, or when it is stormy outside, to stop them blowing around (referred to as Storm protection).




Different motor types will provide different inputs. For example, the GEIGER SOLIDline motor Air will not have an AIl input because this is for slats and that motor is designed for roller blinds. On the other hand, the GEIGER GJ56 will have the AIl input, because that motor is designed for external Venetian blinds.

Please bear in mind that if you are adding a 3rd party blind motor to use with the automatic blinds integrated block, it will have all the inputs and outputs as it will not know whether or not the motor can control everything on a blind, so it will provide you with all of them.






Parameter D, DT and DTe


Parameters AZ, AT1 and AT2: