Burglar Alarm


The burglar alarm block can be used to set up an alarm system in your house with Loxone. You can use the motion sensors you already have in your house to control your lighting to also trigger your alarm so you do not have to double up on motion sensors in every room!

See below for more information on how to set up a basic alarm system and also information about the user interface.


To set up an alarm with Loxone is straightforward. First off add in the Burglar alarm block to your program, then connect the inputs that you have wired to your motion sensors to I1 which is for movement sensors (look in the overview section below for more information on the inputs, outputs and parameters). You can also connect window and door sensors like in this example.

Next connect an input, either a switch or perhaps an iButton to the Tr input to arm and disarm the alarm.

Finally connect an output that is wired to a sounder for example to Q2. You can make use of existing outputs such as mulit-room audio or your lights to flash them and play loud music on trigger of one of the outputs Q1-Q6.

When you add the Burglar Alarm block there is an automatic popup block that allows you to connect in the background the inputs and the outputs that are relevant. For example the Air and Tree devices that are applicable can be added as sensors. The lighting controllers, automatic blinds and music server zone blocks can also be connect as output items.





The last 40 detectors to be triggered are listed in the burglar alarm user interface. You can arm the alarm through the app either immediately or with a delay. You can also acknowledge and disarm the alarm through the app.



Sensors that are triggered by breaking a contact must either be inverted, or if all the sensors of this type are connected to a single input, then that input can itself be inverted.