This block allows you to centralise global functions in one place, such as an all lights off function.


This video shows you how to get central functions to work, such as all lights off or controlling all the blinds in your house. You can use memory flags and the central block for this.


The central block allows you to reduce the number of memory flags used in your program by simplifying global functions between blocks, chiefly the lighting controller and automatic blinds blocks.

In the central block you can see all the lighting controllers and automatic blinds in the program and choose whether to use them as inputs or control them from the central block.


It is very simple to start using the Central block to implement global functions. Simply connect the virtual inputs that you would have connected to memory flags to all the different inputs to the Central block.



Then double click on the block and choose which blocks you would like to control through the Central block by ticking Output. If you want to use a block as an input to the Central block, for example triple clicking on a Lighting controller turns all the lights off, tick Input.



For example the virtual input All blinds up now triggers the central block which will then tell all the Automatic blinds to go to up position (output Cu on the Central block). Any Automatic blind blocks that are not ticked in the Central block will not be affected by the All blinds up virtual input. This is useful because if you wanted to turn all the lights off but perhaps wanted to leave a night light lamp on in a nursery.
Once you have ticked a function block in the Central block that function block will have a small “plus” mark and when hovering over the mark a small tool tip appears telling you that it’s linked to a Central block.



Inputs that come from the central block are not prevented from working by the Dis input on the block. For example, if the Dis input is active on the Lighting controller block, an all lights off command sent from the Central block would still work.


The following function blocks are controllable with the Central block:

  • Automatic blinds
  • Blinds
  • Central
  • Dimmer
  • EIB Dimmer
  • EIB Push-button
  • Intelligent room controller (shading output Qs)
  • Lighting controller
  • Multifunction switch
  • Push-switch
  • Push-button
  • Push-button (double) +/-
  • Push-button (double) On/Off
  • Radio buttons (8x)
  • Radio buttons (16x)
  • RGB lighting controller
  • Stairwell light switch