Loxone Tree Setup


To learn in a Tree device, ensure that the device is powered up and connected to a learned in Tree extension properly. If the device is connected to the Tree Extension and is also powered up, it will blink orange (the dome on the motion sensor, or a small LED on the back of a touch switch). If you encounter a red light at the connection phase, it represents the fact that the Tree connection has not been properly made, please go through and check the Green and White pair and ensure that they are connected properly.

Once the device is on and blinking orange, you can begin the learning process. Firstly, carry out a Tree Device search by selecting the Tree Extension in the periphery tree and then hitting the button in the top ribbon.



You can easily replace a device within Loxone config without having to go through and reconnect everything.

In order to do this, find the device in the search and instead of hitting “create device” you can select an item of the same type from a drop-down box and then replace it.


Updates for Loxone Tree devices and the Tree extension happen automatically and also in the background. If the Miniserver is rebooted whilst it is updating something, the update will simply cancel and start again.

The versions of the devices can be checked in the device status window. If the version number is green, then no update is needed.

Please be aware that these updates can take up to one hour and that the version number won’t always match the Miniserver’s firmware version.

Example below



Information on how to wire Tree extensions and Tree devices, please see out page on Tree cabling.


You can easily detect cabling issues by observing the LED on a Tree device itself.  If the device has an orange flash, it means the cabling is ok and that the device just hasn’t been learned in.

If the device has a red connection then the device doesn’t have a connection to the Miniserver so you need to check your tree branch’s cabling.

In order to be able to examine the communication on the individual tree branches, there is tree diagnostics in the Config. For this, you can use the diagnostics to analyze cabling problems quickly and easily.


Cabling Loxone tree.jpg

The diagnostics dialogue lists all connected devices.

The colours green, yellow and red indicates the communication status of the Tree devices.

GreenCommincation is fine

Yellow Some communication issues. Some data is lost. Check the wiring. Typical causes: loose connection, cable has been cut, cable length is greater than 500 and/or the cable is not suitable.

Red No communication with this device is possible. Check the wiring. Typical causes for this are: break in the cabel , reversed polarity on the device.