Mixing Valve Controller


The heating mixer block provides mixer control for heating or cooling. It can be used with all common types of mixers (3-way valves and analogue 0-10V mixers etc).

For a three-way valve, the current position of the actuator is stored in the software. Once the position has reached 0% or 100%, a synchronization signal (a continuous on or off pulse which lasts 1.5-times the operation time) is sent to the actuator to ensure that it is in the correct position.

If the mixer hasn’t been in the 0% or 100% position in the last 24 hours, then a synchronization signal (a continuous on pulse lasting 1.5-times the operation time) will be sent to the actuator. The actuator is then immediately brought back to its original position.

A synchronization signal is also sent after each restart of the Miniserver.


The desired target temperature can be set with the analogue input temperature T. The desired temperature can either be set with a virtual input connector or a timer switch.

An actual temperature reading from a temperature sensor in the respective room should be connected to the analogue input AI.
Activating the input stop St locks the outputs in their current states.