Music Server Zone


The Music server zone block is designed to be used with our Loxone Music Server. You use a block per room or zone of your house.

The blocks can be controlled by physical switches, but are also shown on the user interface so you can control what music is playing in the room, see cover art, control volume and more.

>>> Here is the startup of the Loxone Music Server <<<


In order to use the block “Music Server Zone “, a Music Server must first be commissioned.

>> Instructions on setting up a Loxone Music Server <<<



If a zone is renamed, this change for Air Play and other services will not be visible until the music server is rebooted.


All Events begin on the rising edge and will continue until a falling edge is detected.

This applies to:

  • Alarm
  • Fire Alarm
  • Doorbell
  • Alarm Clock

If the event file is shorter than the event cycle the song/sound will be repeated until the event ends (falling edge detected).

If the track is shorter than the parameter Te the file will loop until Te has been reached.

The event sounds you find on Music Server and are using File Manager (Windows Explorer) are found at the following address
\\”I[Music server’s IP]”\Event_Sounds



If you choose to have a separate event sounds, copy the desired audio file to this folder and rename it. For example, for the doorbell – “1 – doorbell.mp3”.


Before you can use the Music server zone blocks you must first have a Music Server set up and added to your config. You can find out how to do this on the Loxone Music Server Setup page.




All further options are available via the Loxone app directly from your phone.


Browse to the zone you want to change the settings off and click the “MORE” option in the bottom right to open the details.

In this view you can see all the functions you would expect to see in any music player.



Here you can now change the settings for the Music Server as a whole or this particular zone.

Below you can find a description for each.


WARNING: The male sound is not transmitted in real-time. It can have delays of up to 3 seconds due to winamp re-forming source sound to the music server.

Error messages in the APP

In the most recent version of the app, it is possible that the Music Server will issue error messages via the app.