Radio Buttons

(8X) AND (16X)

This block allows you to select between one and eight (or sixteen on the larger block) outputs to be on.


The radio buttons blocks have 8 or 16 digital inputs and outputs. If a pulse occurs at an input the corresponding output is activated. For example a pulse on input I3 activates the output Q3.

Using the inputs + and – you can cycle up and down through the outputs. The number of outputs to be used can be defined with the parameter Ma.

Using the input Als the output can be controlled directly, so if for example 5 is input at Als then the output 5 is activated. AQ outputs the currently selected output, for example if output 5 is active then the value of AQ is 5. If all the outputs are disabled then AQ has a value of 0.

To turn all the outputs off a pulse at R can be used or Als can be set to 0.

If Dis is enabled then all the inputs are locked, however you can still control the block through the user interface.

Examples of use:
Selecting different commands for controlling AV equipment, selecting switches for applications, mode selection etc.


Radio buttons user interface has different names for each output. To edit these double click on the block.

The names will be displayed until the first blank name.