With the State function block, you can visualize custom status texts and symbols.

Furthermore, this can be used for decision logics.




By double-clicking on the program block the processing window can be opened.


In this dialog, conditions can be defined and the output which is displayed when the conditions are met.

The order of the entries is important. Once all the conditions in a row are met, the remaining rows are no longer checked and the output of this line is output.


A maximum of 4 conditions per line can be inserted.

A condition consists of: selected input, comparison operator, value

When ALL conditions are entered in one line, the following status text, status value and the symbol are output in the visualization and in the outputs.

Possible conditions


Possible issues

In general, there are 3 output options:

  1. Symbol: Here the predefined symbols can be selected. The icon is then displayed in the visualization.
  2. Status text: Here, text output is possible. The text is displayed later at the output TQ and also in the visualization.
  3. Status value: Here analog value outputs are possible. The value is displayed at output AQ.

With the status text the value of the input can be processed further. For this purpose, a placeholder must be inserted at the position at which the value of the input is to be set. The following is a list of all possibilities to process the applied value further: