Use the webpage block to show any webpage within the Loxone user interface.


The Webpage block allows you to display a website of your choice inside the Loxone app. The webpage object is treated like any other web-view, which means you can scroll and zoom as you would on standard webpages that you open in Safari on your iOS device. If you are the author of the website you are displaying then you can of course make sure that it fits the window exactly. Our app uses the following resolutions for the webpage display:

  • iPhone 3.5″: 320 x 420
  • iPhone 4″: 320 x 508
  • iPad: 600 x 640

On Android devices there is no fixed resolution that we use since there is no norm for screen resolutions on Android devices. Hence the app will scale the webpage object to make the best use of your device’s screen size.


The webpage block is very simple to setup. First of all add in the function block either from the Program tab or by pressing F5 while clicked on a page and then searching for the webpage block.

By clicking on the block you can see in the properties that you can add the URL for a webpage.



There are four possible addresses you can enter:



The address must be specified in the following format:


You can also choose an icon for the webpage block to display on the user interface.


Here is an example of what the webpage block looks like on the apps. When you click on the block the webpage you have defined will open up inside the webinterface or app.